Back To Normal?

Hey #technopeople, today I want to talk to about a few fundamentals behind this project.

During this Corona pandemic our music industry and fans all over the world have suffered greatly. Yes, it’s a serious illness. You all need to be careful and protect yourself and others.

Does anybody of you really think, things will go back to “normal” after this? No. Here’s why.

During this pandemic, our freedom rights have been deprived in all societies. Even in the most liberal ones. Conservative forces in society are using the pandemic to get rid of – in their sight of things – unwanted elements in society by law.

And yes, in many regards we #technopeople are unwanted elements for conservatives. We are different. We are loud. We live and party in the night, when the conservative wants to sleep.

We are tolerant, open, peaceful and loving. Quite the opposite from what the political system of states is today. That causes envy and misunderstanding in the so called “upper class”, it makes them uncomfortable.

That’s one reason, they want to prevent us from raising again. They do this by not helping suffering club owners or DJs. By keeping the clubs shut as long as possible, many will shut forever.

We won’t let that happen. That’s why we founded technoresistance711.org. We aren’t some young fools, we are all people in the midst of life, with careers, family and all.

But we defend our different lifestyle.


How do we do that? Peacefully, of course. Through our music and with the better argument.

It’s been often said, that techno is nonpolitical. That’s not true. It has always had that element to it too.

Now, this is what I want YOU to do: Spread the word. Share the manifest. Each and everyone of you at his and her place. Regardless of your age, race, religion, profession or social status YOU can do something.

Play the #music, of course. Play it loud! But you can do more. Reach out to your friends and peers. Have discussions about the mindset behind our lifestyle, our set of values. Love, peace, happiness.

Happy music for happy people!

We are not on this planet to fight wars or to feel miserable.

If you can’t contribute by sharing, I do understand that in some positions you can’t openly talk about these things, you can contribute otherwise. On my soundcloud.com/soulseeker69 you’ll find an attribution button. The project needs people and resources for equipment and social media work to really grow into a big movement.

#techno today is a multibillion-dollar industry. We can bring a million people to the street, everybody kissing and hugging each other, dancing, having fun. Which other movement can do that? None.

Therefore, please take action, locally and on social media. YOU are important, right there where you are now. Each and every one of you.

This is OUR world – we need to build it the way WE want it to be. Especially after the pandemic.

Thank you for reading.

I love you.

Greets from Stuttgart, Germany

Markus #mar711tr #technoresistance711

Picture: 8926 on Pixabay