About Us

Fighting for a better world with the the means of House and Techno music. Private non commercial initiative in Stuttgart, Germany. Looking for collaboration in other underground networks. Been doing electronic dance music for over 30 years. Non commercial, private initiative. Just a few techno guys hanging around. #MAR711TR #JAN711TR #ROL711TR #FRA711TR.

Let me introduce us:

Markus, born in 1969. Long way in music. Born in a music family. Classical piano on a Steinway since three. Then Beatles, Elvis, Disco, Metal, Electro. Since 1987 in Acid, Techno and House. Producer, Composer, Party Organizer. Head of technoresistance711.org. Music: Deep dark Techno, something I call „Dub House“, melodic Trance. Single, one daughter, 24.

Jan. Born in 1983. Our EDM expert. Tomorrowland is his thing. Single, divorced lately.

Franco. Our Psytrance and Ambient expert. Make up artist, hairdresser, photographer and life style counselor. Unique Character. Single by will.

Rolf aka Chris. Out Metal/Techno/Irish Folk crossover guy. About 30 years old (he won’t tell 🙂 ) Happily in a relationship.

I really want to emphasize that we are all friends and a big Techno family. We all have jobs, family and kids. And we are having fun living this Techno dream.

Join us, if you want to change the world to the better – and make people happy with music. Political, but independend, peaceful, multicultural. All ages welcome. We dont like racism or oppression. Stuttgart Techno Manifest under technoresistance711.org