The Techno Manifest

The Stuttgart Techno Manifest

In the times of worldwide decline, in the times of fear and the manipulation of masses, we free people have decided:

We, the free people of this world stand for:

  • The rescue of the music and culture of electronic dance music and our (Sub)-culture
  • Our peaceful and free way of living
  • Free media, who are unhindered able to report about our cause

That is why we demand:

  • The immediate opening and legalizing of all venues where electronic dance music is presented
  • The social acknowledgement and acceptance of our culture and our way of living
  • Freedom for all, who are able to summit our music and our values

We are a loose group of people, with different ages, origins, sexes, races and religions. Our motivation is solely defined by our music and our culture. We are open minded, tolerant and peaceful. We do not harm anyone. We are not bound to any political party, ideology or other interest group. We reject commercialism. We do not raise any demands beyond our freedom. Our only goal is to unite people with our music and to make them happy.

This is why we have written this manifest in which we demand an open, just and free society. We strongly oppose any kind of oppression – might it be by governments or any private entities. We oppose any kind of violence. We fight with the artistic and musical means of electronic dance music for a fair and just world. A world in which all humans have the same immutable rights to their artistic and personal expression – regardless of their color of skin, origin or social status.

We want to do this by the means of electronic dance music – we want to connect people, enable communication and collaboration between nations – between rich and poor. We are bound only by the passion for the music. We do not strive for material richness. Our goal is the highest amount of joy and happiness for as many people as possible. That is what we are working towards.

Stuttgart, November 7th