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About Likes and Follows

About likes and follows

(transcribing from an audio on May 11th 2021 in Stuttgart, Uhlbach. Germany)

Hey, guys.  It’s Markus here, hi. I just got back from shopping. I was sitting on the bus, it’s raining. It’s bad weather. People are all in bad, sad mood, in Corona fears and angers and stuff. So I was thinking about Instagram, about likes, posts, people you are communicating with… Now, there is a theory in communications …. A theory, which says, that, in your normal everyday life you can only communicate with a maximum of thirty people. That’s your home base. That’s the people you go to talk to. You share your feelings with. And – in this theory – when people ask you for help, when they really need, if they share their thoughts, Angsts, fears, then they are in the top ten of your communication partners. (special shoutout here to Ibiza, no names mentioned. But thank you so much for your trust)

So, now we are in this world where we as artists, as DJs, as producers, as agency owners, as record label owners, are, as in my case as an author, are living a life, where we are depending on the likes and follows. And we’re pretending that that is REAL communication between us.

Well, it CAN be. But it mostly it isn’t.

So, for my part, I’ve chosen to keep my circle small. I don’t care about like numbers, about follower numbers. About page views.

All I care about, is the people I’m talking to. On a personal level. And, as said, you can’t have much more than thirty.

So, if you are one of my followers, who have 10,000, 50,000 some people even 600,000 or 1,5 million followers: Don’t expect from them to receive ANY communications. They don’t love you as a human being. They love you as a product. They love, what you produce – not what you think.

I call them “leachers”, leaching your mind. They are consuming your thoughts and feelings to compensate their own. But that’s NOT real communication for me. And therefore not interesting.

I’ve been doing web for about thirty years? And social media since the beginning. I’ve killed several Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace and what not Accounts with tens of thousands of followers -because I discovered that it was just emptiness.

You can do it, as a brand, as a product. But you possibly can’t do it as a person.

Actually, I’m writing an article about it – it’s called “why I DIDN’T become a DJ”, where I point the whole thing out much more seriously and thoroughly – and theoretically.

Because everything I’m doing, I’m writing, I’m saying, has that theoretical background.

And the people, who follow me longer, know that. I don’t post any BS up there. No. I think about, what I’m doing.

And that’s why my community, which I am building at @technoresistance711 is a professional community. It’s not for the everyday people on the street. I’m not selling a product. ActuallyI’m not selling anything. I’m just doing, what I do. I tell you my thoughts and thinking and hope… no I know, only because of my advice, my wisdom I’m going to make a living out of it.

Sure, I need to sell something too. That’s my stories. That’s my poetry, that’s my books. That’s MY product. But don’t be mistaken. It’s a product. It’s not me.

So, I’m addressing here a few very special people, the people involved know who they are, and know who I’m talking to.

Where I want to go with this, is to establish a deep communications network. Where we share, comment, and originate each other’s thinking. That’s my goal.

How we do it, each and every one of us, at different places, either you have an agency, you do workshops, you are are DJ/ne, a performer, an artist, a photographer, you are (a model, hey, India/Colombia! #edit) in advertising, whatever. That’s the product level.

Where I want to go with you, is the personal level. And I’m feeling it right now. The community is building. We are mind wise the same, we think the same, do many of us, the same things…

which is, in the end transforming the energy of the universe  into beauty. Or wisdom.

[…only in the audio]

By the way, the deepest thoughts, I WON’T post on “social” media, but only on my private website. So, if you want to read that, go there. (https://markus-lochmann.de #edit)

That’s it for now. I thank everybody, especially the newcomers, the young kids somewhere in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal or Mongolia – or wherever you are, in India. Oh, my condolences to India and Colombia (love you, Colombia!)

Yeah, and we are going to go on from here. Build this network, share our thoughts. And keep it small. It’s the old principle: K.I.S.S. keep it simple, stupid!  

Thanks for listening (here, reading).

Bye for now, Markus

(PS. I love you all)

(PPS. If you don’t like us, what we, I am doing, just block, unfollow. But don’t post hate comments. Not responding. Okay? Thanks.)

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